As is the case with most consulting practices, Z-axis has evolved over time both in the clientele served and in the approach taken to let them know the services are available.

The business began with a letter sent to 98 industry golfing acquaintances.  It said simply that Jerry, best known to the list as the CEO of the largest B2B agency in Portland, was now offering strategic consulting services and his firm was Z-axis Marketing, Inc. Six people responded. Two let him know they had received the letter. Two referred him to prospects and two hired him for projects.

The early business cards featured the red logo plus contact information in black on double weight card.Today, the card looks like this.

Trust-based Marketing as Mr Fletcher plumbed the "why?" of the successful practitioners he served and then on and off-line as his strategic understanding came to encompass the significance of internet marketing.

Position:Trust-based Strategic Marketing for the "little guys" on and off-line.


Consulting fees have sustained his family, put a daughter through private college and allowed him to "keep a hand in" since 1990. His clients include some of the top consultants, and professionals in the Pacific Northwest . His networking activities have brought him clients from as far away as Singapore plus speaking engagements in Europe, South America and of course in North America.


Jerry shares a lesson learned the hard way.

Does your Brand Have the Right Name?


Since the doors opened the company has been focused on business development for

  • Start ups
  • Consultants and Professionals
  • Small to Medium Businesses
  • New product introductions


Initially was to build businesses, careers and lives of joy.

Over the years two additions have been made: