possibly passing her intellectual property on to a successor.”

Vision: Her approach to the market, providing solid money coaching for individuals and couples that have difficulty just having a conversation about the subject is, on the surface, a good idea. Her years of actually providing the service indicate that it is real and sustainable.

We agreed to make that open eager vision to assist in sorting out this taboo subject the heart of the company going forward.

Mission: though not stated originally became
“to provide a safe place to talk about money, why it is so bothersome and how to find a way out of the mental traps it causes.”

Prospect Viewpoint: became immediately clear from the copious detailed testimonials and comments from satisfied clients. Interviews with clients quickly verified the mission and led to a powerful position.

Profitable Niche: demand for this service, possibly due to the recession, was growing.
The key question was how far outside the arena of real estate the prospect base could easily be moved and if retention of that broader market would prove to be economically feasible.

Positioning: was literally adapted from a client comment. The Client said, “She helped me unravel the things in my mind that kept me from getting straight on money.”  We changed that to:
The Untangler...Untangling money knots

You don’t have to change who you are to do better with money. You don’t have to become a spreadsheet wizard, or speak “finance”. What you do have to do is find a new way to look at, interact with, and understand your money. That’s exactly what I can help you do.

The plan, written in 2010 called for:

Trust Tools which Shell uses are blogs and speaking. Her blog which appears weekly delves into all the psychological aspects of Money as well as some of the not so mindful things that go on when you consider the relevant age of the individuals charged with the responsibility.

Shell speaks regularly and uses these occasions to build the number of people that contact her for a one hour discussion.

Outcomes: The number of people in her prospect funnel is directly related to the number of speaking engagements and appearances she has each month. The fact that she provides professional speaker level materials at every appearance has increased the responses and extended the time they come in after the event.

The practice which had fewer clients as the recession wore on never dropped below a sustainable level and, particularly in the Real
Estate market is showing strength that was unexpected.

Most importantly, particularly in regional Women’s groups she is now The Untangler..

This is the kind of copy, direct from her web site that convinces people to sign up for a free one-hour discussion.

This money stuff is bizarre, it’s maddening, it feels like you must have been sick the day they went over money, doesn’t it? It sure looks like everyone else has this thing figured out. Well, they don’t. Not at all. 97.5% of people are just as mixed up as you are when it comes to money.


Those words in purple became the position for the company. We maintained the Keltic Knot both for continuity and as a symbol of the knots to be untangled.

In 2010 Shell Tain decided that she had to build a more visible Brand in order to consider “slowing down about 2016 and

Shell made “The Untangler” her own, incorporating it in her web site, her self introduction, in the way she answers the telephone, and all of her materials.

When she speaks she uses a tangled skein of yarn to make it easy for folks to

visualize what she can do for them. It works to set them at ease and make them ready for presentations that are highly interactive and provide positive feed back.

During her latest web site update she decided it was time to add video so that people could easily grasp what she was about and how she might work with them.

In just under a minute and a half she spells out her novel approach to getting the kid who manages your money under control.

See the video at www.ShellTain.com