When those early forays caught the attention of major media outlets she decided to do larger experiments and what started on a whim turned into a human behavior lab.

She Says,“My name is Vanessa Van Edwards and I am a human behavior hacker. I study what makes people tick in our behavior lab the Science of People.

Our number one goal is to teach the people skills you never learned in school. Do you wish you always knew exactly what to say? How to decode what people are really thinking? How to to increase your influence and income using interpersonal intelligence? We are here to make wishes come true.

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She started by making herself a guinea pig in human behavior hacking by writing a blog and making YouTube videos about her misadventures.

In our lab we start every  endeavor by finding the latest scientific studies and turn them into real-life experiments and tactics. We share these strategies with our readers and students to test them.

I call our approach behavior hacking.

Over the last eight years, I have developed shortcuts, formulas and blueprints for getting along with anyone.

We have streamlined all of our best findings into a universal framework that makes up Captivate.

Each chapter will teach you one of the fourteen behavior hacks. These are simple, powerful tools that you can use to level up your career, improve your relationships and increase your income.”

Captivate was released April 25, 2017. It is available at all the usual spots including Powell’s in Portland where the lab is located.

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