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BrandBrainTrust contributor Dorie Clark is a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Stand out is about how to become a "thought leader" and a sought after expert. It is direct and provides and easy to follow road map.

Reinventing Yourself is a step by step guide to help you get to where you want to be in a career, an entrepreneurial undertaking or just moving to another way of life. Essential information that is easy to understand and act on.

This Week’s Featured Resources

Brand development resources for professionals, businesses and individuals

This video will help you understand all the components of Brand .It is a short five minutes in length but includes this cogent definition:

"Brand is the outcome of TrustTM"

Jerry Fletcher

New to Brand development? You’ll find information here that looks at Brand from concept to reality. I’ll report on the value of each item. If I think it’s helpful, I’ll say so. If it is easy to get into, I’ll let you know. If it doesn’t work for me but has been rated well elsewhere, I’ll share that.

You’ll find Videos, Books, Blogs, Articles, White papers, Checklists, Cheat sheets and anything else any of our contributors find that may be of help to you in your quest. (You can contribute, too. Click here to send us you submission.)

Brand Resources for individuals:

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Professional Brand Resources:

This network was developed expressly to help individuals build their personal Brand.

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Short, Sweet and Guaranteed to Change Who Trusts You

Do not pass go.
Do not collect $200.

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Business Brand Resources:

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If you are looking for a single resource that is the "Bible" of the Brand industry, Designing Brand Identity is what you are looking for.

The subtitle is "an essential guide for the whole branding team." It is.