Unconscious Branding is one of those non-fiction books that is hard to put down.

Any one involved in Brand Development whether it is for yourself, a professional practice, consulting, coaching or a product will find a way into the complex dual mind of consumer/customer/client in this book.

You won't breeze through this one but you will come away with a better understanding of how to go about cognizant Brand Building.

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When you need to build a brand and you don't know where to start these resources will give you plenty to think about. If you're an old hand you may find something that will trigger the path to a better outcome.  As usual, I'll give you my take on each item and how I believe it may be of help.

Building Your Brand Video

This video will help you understand all the components of Brand.It is short but includes this cogent definition:

"Brand is the outcome of TrustTM"

Jerry Fletcher

Professional Brand Development Resources  

Every professional and every staff member in every professional office needs a copy of this book to be successful offline.

Businesses are built one relationship at a time. This book gives you practical ways to get to Trust and establish your brand. This is a new classic and a sure way to win.

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