Client: beBee

Expert: Javier beBee

Firm:   beBee


Key Elements

Brand Builder

Vision, Trust Tool, Strategic Partners, Web Video, Facebook

Vision, Mission,Position, Product, Web site

Client: The Galvanizing Group

Expert: Patrick Galvin

Firm:   Galvanizing Group


Client: John Malkovich

Expert: Himself

Firm:   SquareSpace



In today's world you will need to "reinvent yourself"  multiple times. If you are career oriented each new position is  cause to rebrand in order to  assure that people know you for what you are now and what you can be. Sometimes overcoming past behaviors that have been preserved on the internet ca n prove difficult.

More  of an entrepreneur? Your task is no easier.  As you go forward you will encounter the requirement to be singular yet authoritative, friendly but calculating. You can't be all things to  all people.

Careful attendance to how you "Brand You" is essential to getting ahead.

Vision, Mission Motto, Position, Speaking, Blog