Why a dialog blog?
Because I can
Because I enjoy sharing
Because I like to entertain as I convey knowledge
Because the characters are conflations of real experts
Because it forces me to look at business development through multiple lenses
Because many of my former readers are hectoring me about bringing them back...especially Bubba
Because it is fun.
Because I prefer conversations to commercials. (Yes it is written in American English and one sort of regional dialect. If you don't understand, ask me. That is the beauty of being on www.beBee.comLet's connect.


It was tested before it went public.

It didn't do well in the test because no one had ever seen anything like it. Some people felt they were spying on a meeting. A lot wanted to know who these people were. And where we were dining!

The first few blogs were sent only to a select group of people who had agreed to keep an open mind. All of them tried to provide sound advice. None did handstands.

Then I tried sending it to entrepreneurs and solo consultants.

They got it. So I made it a point to do a Marketing Lunch Bunch Blog about once a week.

I monitored  the results (opens, click throughs, and comments) noting that conversations that dealt with basics and especially those that punctured naive beliefs were best received.

Illness and the loss of my database put a real hitch in my gitalong in 2016. Now, I'm reviewing my files of those old posts and sending them out to two groups: fans of the Lunch bunch and, I hope, some new fans, like you.

The poster above was built from art available on line. It has been reworked slightly to better reflect the people I see in my mind's eye when I'm writing. 

The Story