Just about all of Jim’s clients agree to provide video testimonials.

Conversations while conducting those interviews reveal how Brand development activities impact them.

For instance, Joe Pinzone, Managing director of SERA Architects verified Jim’s credentials and viewed client videos on his web site before asking for a meeting.

That niche description easily meets the criteria of a group that is focused, outside the mainstream, growing fast enough and not of interest to larger, competitive firms.

We weren’t about to change the name of the company. Jim was already using a value-based pricing approach and was well versed in methods to get the results desired. His expertise was well known in parts of the business community but not as broadly as it might have been.

The strategy was to begin building his speaking and writing capabilities over time using simple devicing to build a more professional perception.

The website has been the driving force for Jim. As we find information or approaches that resonate with clients and prospects they are adapted for the website.

Here is the 2014 “warm up” of the web site and the first appearance of the most recent Home page video.

The new positioning was put into the masthead. Jim began blogging. We let clients speak to his capabilities in the sidebars with a different client on each page. And made sure that people could find their way to him. At the top of every sidebar it said: Talk to Jim 503 504-8857.

Most importantly the home page of the web site included a short video based on 30-Second MarketingTM  which gave site visitors a chance to get to know Jim a little better. Here is the video.

The number  of companies owned and operated by “Baby Boomers” that are at the point of either selling or being passed on to another generation is at an all-time high.

Determining how to make your way through what it takes to even decide what to do is a formidable task.

Jim knows how as is witnessed by

one of the top Mergers and Acquisitions professionals in the Pacific Northwest as he said on the back of Jim's book

Businesses with sales of $5 to 50 million that need to transition to new leadership or a new reality to win in the current market. They know they need someone to help them and want a local, proven talent with a track record for tailoring solutions by culture, values, resources and industry.

“Revenue per employee rose 15% over last year, improving efficiency and earnings three times above our past three year average; and my confidence and effectiveness increased with Jim’s help.”

Joe Pinzone,
SERA Architects

An Excellent Road Map
In my business assisting companies with sales, acquisitions and mergers we get a complete picture of the results that consultants deliver. This book is
from one of the best. It is an excellent road map to get to the other side of succession.

Jim's approach to succession is absolutely forthright. His advice is solid whether a firm is being sold, optioned to the employees or taking the owner/operator to owner/advisor. This is a good read and definitely good advice.

      Norm Duffett
       Managing Director Orca Capital

Jim Grew and I were chatting at a breakfast buffet when he casually announced that he was moving toward a more traditional management consulting approach in his practice.

I asked if he had a web site and other materials in place to make the change. He did not. We began his Brand journey in January 2012.

Become the “go to” transition consultant that enables fast, effective and profitable results for Oregon companies that want to win and are moving to new leadership or a new reality.

That subtle shift to companies that want to win allowed him to continue his well-honed skills at business transition while making it more about the organization continuing rather than being sold or acquired.

A conversation with Jim Grew reveals his passion in a matter of moments. It is in how he refers to clients and how he says they ought to be served.

Core Values
Jim points to these as key components to how he operates now and will into the future:

  • Effective at aligning leadership structure, people and processes to accelerate progress.
  • Results that delight – both Jim and his client and continue to meet the goals set well after the contract ends.  
  • Honesty in all relationships
  • Efficiency in delivery and as a result of training and coaching in the client organization.
  • Active listening that reveals the problems rather than just the symptoms, that is based on what people do not what they say.
  • Skilled at defining goals and strategies as well as the implementation necessary to reach them
  • Open to other ways of seeing and doing
  • Dedicated to ongoing learning and finding solutions tailored to organization, culture, values and resources

Jim says that if he could wave a magic wand, people would know that he,
   “Helps people and companies do things they didn’t believe they could do.”

Customer Viewpoint:
Clients describe Jim as “like a windshield defogger,” “good at strategically managing people to an end,” “able to get people clear about the goal.” They say in testimonials that he is “Focused,” as well as “has a strategic perspective,” able to mend the fighting, forge consistency, clear goals and measures and departments working together effectively.”

That’s why our initial positioning statement for Jim was:
       Business Transition Defogger
That played out like this in the first website:

A speaking page was added to the web site.

Then, as video testimonials were being gathered, the frequency of mention of the speed that Jim helped companies get things done kept coming up.That’s why in the latest incarnation of his positioning and graphics it looks like this:

"Jim delivered as advertised in his marketing. He gave us the most successful quarter we’ve had in 3 years.”

Kennedy Hawkins
President PT Northwest

Snapshots of Jim around town were added to the masthead of the site. They included shots of him with his car, sail boarding near Hood River, visiting recognizable restaurants and areas that might be familiar to prospects and suspects.

We added pages to the site that included references to his wife, grandchildren and information that went beyond testimonials from clients. 

There’s more of it above the fold. The newsletter that replaced the blog now has a benefit name. Notice the names of the services provided.

At each step of the way we have carefully listened to what prospects and clients telling us and adjusted the approach to assure we are connecting.

The addition of Succession Planning to the services offered is a good case in point.

Because Jim regularly meets with commercial bankers and M&A firms he is well known for his skill in building sustainable growth with firms that are looking to sell, acquire or simply build a legacy. He regularly speaks on the subject and  completed a book on the subject not long ago.