When he finished he knocked on the french doors to my office that overlook our hidden garden. We had hired him to do a clean up based on a recommendation from some neighbors.

As I pulled out my checkbook I asked if he had a business card. He didn’t,

These days he has three fully equipped crews and a new truck so he can supervise the work.

As you can see above he got himself a web site that tells folks his business is yard maintenance.

In short order he had 37 customers in the neighborhood.

He replaced his old truck with a newer used one, added a helper and a trailer..


The day I made his first cards he had himself, a lawnmower some hand tools and a wheezing old chevy truck plus a burning desire to have his own business.

I was his third customer in my little corner of he world.

He took the cards and each time he finished his work for current customers he rang doorbells at the houses nearby. I t was not unusual to see his truck parked around the corner or down the block after dark.

but he was curious as to why I asked. I told him it would be helpful in getting new business. Even with strong recommendations it would be helpful.

He got quiet and then asked, Where can I get some? I stopped telling him about designers and printers and all that and said, Why don’t you go ahead and finish up and I’ll see what I can design for you from scrap art.

That was the genesis of his logo. We put it on computer printer cards for the first 200 and then I gave him the artwork he needed to take it to a local printer.


He told me he wanted to build a company he could be proud of that would be able to provide jobs for his family and a few more.


His intent was to concentrate on yard maintenance, clean up and landscaping.


This was not a major factor. Effren knew he wanted to concentrate on the more expensive homes nearby. He drove north about 12 miles to serve our community surrounding three golf courses. A mile further up the Freeway was a community in the same price range but twice as big.

He knew that these folks wanted their yards to look good but had little time to do the work themselves.

wedding. The only Norte Americanos in attendance, we were treated like royalty. Later, my wife who speaks a little Spanish told me that his bride told her that he said I was the gringo that helped him make his dream come true.

Later that year he added a second truck, trailer and tools and a crew to work it.

About 6 years ago he invited my wife and me to his