Business Brand Development Resources

Start-up, Business or Product you'll find information you can use to help you develop your brand more quickly and easily. I'll give you my two cent's worth on each item and I hope you'll let us know if you agree or disagree and provide us with something that has worked for you.

These three books rose to the top of the stack. when I began compiling materials for this resource library.

As a CEO, a serial entrepreneur and a start up marketing specialist I know how valuable your time can be. These three books will quickly give you a better education in product and organizational brand development than any others I’ve come across so far.

This report outlines exactly that we can learn from the "yes"deals and what we want to avoid from the "no" deals to make our own pitches more effective. Click the button to see the full report.

You'll find great information like this at Science of People along with fascinating brand advice especially if you are still in the dating game.

While roaming through brand contributors to beBee I strayed across this web site which has the latest and greatest video ads from major companies and products across the world. The site is curated by an American ad guy currently working in his company's Moscow office.

Dive in, but be mindful of your time. Most of these videos are internet length. One just about 7 minutes long from Red Bull kept me enthralled all the way and then sucked me into the bloopers recorded to get the  final cut.

If you work with big budgets or just want to know what the outcome looks like check out

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Brand Brand Trust contributor, Science of People analyzed each and every one of the 495 pitches entrepreneurs have made in the Shark Tank—253 of these teams got deals and 242 did not. What’s the difference?