I put my newly regained energy into building a website dedicated to Brand development.

It was initially conceived as a site for Personal Brand Development. I got as far as a logo that looked like this:

Professional, Consultant, Coach, Startup, Company, and Product (at a minimum).

I realized I needed  a singular name to provide basic data to each of those niches from a host of experts.

I had to find a name that would acknowledge contributors and their results .It had to include everything being done.

Brand Brain Trust leaped out as a name.

Ten minutes later I bought the URL:


Then I put the lessons I’d learned over the years to work. I realized there were more niches:

In the summer of 2016 I decided that building Brand was my legacy.

I’d become really tired. I was unable to work more than a couple hours at a time. I thought it was the exhaustion of old age creeping up on me at an alarming rate.

When you can’t act, it gives you time to think.

I looked back over a career as an Ad man where I was known for my skill at positioning followed by another 25 years as a marketing consultant specializing in business development for start-ups, professionals and consultants.

I recalled the advice I’d offered to people in courtesy interviews, paid engagements and how just about all my advice came down to establishing a Brand.

 I decided to put what I knew into a website and to ask other experts to contribute.

The doctor gave me a prescription that made me feel like a new man. 



Vision: Be the singular gathering of Brand experts and their results that inspires English-speaking individuals that want to Brand to get ahead.

Mission: Build the Brand Brain Trust

Position: The singular gathering of Brand experts and demonstrated outcomes for individuals that want to get ahead.

Tagline: Demonstrated Outcomes

Results: :Prior to web site going live: Positive response to concept from clients, colleagues and experts. Requests from experts to be included, linked and be considered for affiliate relationships.

Stay tuned! E-mail us comments & questions.