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Vision: Be the singular gathering of Brand experts sharing outcomes that inspire English-speaking solopreneurs, ensembles, and small companies.

Outcome: After one week: Positive response to concept from clients, colleagues and experts. Requests from experts to be included, linked and be considered for affiliate relationships. Join us!


Everything on this site is FREE including this video. That includes all the resources that will grow and develop over time...whitepapers, articles, checklists, worksheets, audios, videos, tips, tricks, hacks and contributed items.

I support this site through business building products plus

Consulting & Speaking:


Ad man, Agency CEO, Marketing Rainmaker, Networking Ninja, International Keynote Speaker, Contact Relationship Magician and now, Brand Poobah of Brand Brain Trust

I’m Jerry Fletcher. I’m all of those.

Each, in turn, has allowed me to earn a living on my terms. Each reflects a personal and/or business brand ascribed to me by friends, neighbors, colleagues, clients and prospects.

I learned that no matter where you are in the ongoing saga of your life or business the single most important reason for success is Brand

The way I see it: Brand is an expression of Trust.

My job as Brand Poobah is to get you the Brand building knowledge you need to go it alone... successfully: Personal, Professional, Coach, Consultant, Start up, Company, or Product.

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